Monday, June 3, 2013

Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2010

Three friends, Kanya, Dinda and Zizi trapped into the life of Intercourse Free. As a result of a broken home made Kanya finally finished the call girl. Not only that, Kanya Dinda also tried to persuade his friend to come to the same path, with the pretext of a famous model. Originally Dinda can indeed refuse. But the economic crush that menderanya, Dinda not able to survive. His desire to continue his studies and his father is seriously ill, requiring substantial costs, Dinda had no other choice, finally willing to become a fotomodel. Dinda Kanya bring to Boni, who he said could make Dinda a famous model and a lot of money fast.

But what can I say, Dinda not so well-known models, but it also fell into a life of promiscuity, a call girl, like Kanya. Zizi another. He prefers to be mistress of a man who has beistri origin of all desires can be fulfilled. A lot of money and having fun every day life. Not a day without a party.

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